Sunday, December 09, 2007

marry me, hugh laurie*

Most people hate their parents for, like, grounding them.

Me? I am angry mine got me hooked on House, M.D.

*My husband objects to this blog post title. I cannot fathom why, but I agreed to register his objection.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

two entirely useless conversations

At dinner:

Jim: "So, who are the "merry gentlemen' in the carol?"

Me: "Um, the...people. You know. That you sing to when you go a-wassailing."

Jim: "Just like the guys in the street, then."

Me: "Yeah." {Beat} "Or, you know, penguins."

Jim: " ... "

Me: "I just have this visual of A Muppet Christmas Carol."

Jim: "Oh, right. Penguins."

Later, watching the taped news:

Me: "Yay! It's David Gregory."

Jim: "Yeah."

Me: "Holy shit--it is still snowing here!"

Jim: "You just realized we live where he's filmed, didn't you."

Me: "Shut up."