Sunday, June 15, 2008

babies, babies everywhere

So it's spring/summertime, when a young woman's fancy turns to thoughts of "Holy crap -- everyone I know is having a baby!"

Well, not yet I. (Relax, folks -- more on this below.) However, two friends have just added to their families, and two more are in the process of doing so. Hence, on this Father's Day, I thought I'd give a little shout-out.

Please welcome...

Maggie Halter (little sis to Nina), born May 29, 2008.

Congratulations, Des and Nick!


Anne Frances McHale (little sis to Benjy), born June 13, 2008.

Congratulations, Jeanne and Matt!

And keep an eye out for...

The Yang Triplets (!!!), due sometime this fall, along with their cousin, Fetus Farnham. Yay, Christie and Ted and Becky and Chris!

Yeah, it's a little crazy. The Maltese side of the family is going from zero grandkids to four all at once -- exciting!

So plenty to practice on for the next year or so, at which point, the time will be ripe (pun intended) for yet another grandkid -- this one for both Maltese and Shapiro sides. I mean, given how fast the fish died, we just want to make sure we can keep a dog alive for a whole year before we take on a human being. We're working our way up...but don't fear; the blips are on our radar, in pink and blue.

Love and happy Father's Day to all!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

dinner conversation à la dorks

Scene: My husband and I are discussing the Hollywood-centric lives of friends.

Me: "I wish I were in that sphere."

Jim: "I'm sorry."

Me: "Oh, that wasn't meant to malign you. Just a thing. And besides, I am. Because of {friend's name redacted}."

Jim: "Yes. You are in the penumbra.

Me: {weird look} "Yes. I ... am in the penumbra."


Me: "What does that word mean in law terms?"

Jim: "It ... what do you mean? How did you know it's a law thing?"

Me: "Because it essentially is Latin for 'shadow' and so ..."

Jim: "OK. It means things sort of vaguely outside the limits of a ruling, so if the ruling falls here {makes sphere shape with hands} and you're just here {slightly larger sphere shape} then you're in the penumbra."


Me: "So you see how it comes to mean this."

Jim: "Yeah, and you're right, I only know this from law stuff."


Jim: "We're smart."

Me: "Well, I don't know about that signaling "smart" per se. I just know Latin."

Jim: "Yeah, but there are a lot of people who don't remember their Latin so long after they graduated high school."

Me: {glare}

Jim: "I mean ... eleven years after ... You're ... I love you?"

Win: Me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

when the planet turns up the heat...

...get out of the kitchen.

Or at least, that would be the logical approach. And I am, usually, a logical human being. Most of the time. I think.

Not when it comes to dinner, though -- particularly if I have a craving for something. Granted, that "something" right now happens to be gazpacho*, which I think makes a lot of logical sense.

(Or it would, if tomatoes weren't suddenly carriers of salmonella. Thanks, tomatoes, for your perfect timing. Luckily, it seems that cluster (on the vine) tomatoes are safe, and so I can proceed with my gazpacho plan.)

Jim, meanwhile, has been asking me to make a frittata for quite some time. I'm getting used to these requests of his, even though I do every now and then wonder what ovophilic pod person has taken over my husband. Granted, this is mostly because, when I met him, he would turn tail and run from pretty much any egg dish, which was a shame as quiche was one of my specialities.

That must have converted him along the way, since now he seems to get these cravings every so often, particularly when the weather makes heavy meat dishes somewhat unappetizing. (He still is tentative in the face of most scrambles and your average runny-yolked poachee, but it's progress.)

Of course, making a frittata involves turning on the stove and either the oven or broiler, so it's not entirely weather-appropriate.
But it's close enough. So tonight, we shall have a wild mushroom and spinach frittata and gazpacho, satisfying two cravings with one...well, dinner.

Hm. Speaking of which, is it lunch time yet?

*This is a fairly common craving of mine. In fact, I feel as though I've actually blogged gazpacho before. The heat is just making me too lazy to check.