Monday, March 26, 2007

robert palmer ain't got nothin' on me

(Addicted to love. Me. Weddings. Stuff. Get it? Cool.)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the district

I've got one real estate agent for condominiums and two more for rentals (they think I'm crazy since there's nothing available yet for July, but whatever -- they work on commission and I'm a sure move).

I've packed sweaters for the 35-degree night on the way there and tees for the 73-degree days in Washington.

I actually copied down a list of free wi-fi spots around town.

I made a reservation at a fun Mexican restaurant for Friday night.

And, oh yeah, we have all the events at GULC to attend.

Yeah, I think we're ready. Let's roll.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

furry goodness

Our next-door neighbors are dog-sitting this weekend, so I've been getting a daily dose of poodle time. Actually, I've been acting like a giddy toddler, sitting on the floor throwing treats and crying, "DOGGIE!"

Yeah, I'm animal-deprived.

In a similar vein, I now visit this little guy on my desktop when I feel lonely:

Virtual kitty loves the meta, no?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

a typical night chez les maltese

1. Order pizza for take-out from Flatbread.

2. Discuss over dinner why you have never actually eaten Flatbread for dinner* before, in two-plus years in Portland.

3. Somehow get into a discussion about presidential assassinations.

4. Discover you were both right: McKinley and Garfield were both assassinated. Sort of.

5. Wonder if having three names makes one more likely to succeed as a presidential assassin.

6. Wind up talking about Stephen Sondheim.

Yeah. Trust me; if you wiki "Jim and Leigh Maltese," you get redirected to a terribly appropriate term.

OK, actually, it'd be cooler for us if that were true. Which just proves the point.

And dude. Garfield's assassin? Totally nuts.

*If you care: We have both had Flatbread before, but because I am a yuppie pizza snob, we have never ordered it in for ourselves. Or any other pizza, for that matter -- we've made do with quais-gourmet frozen for as long as we've lived in Maine. Yeah, I'm serious. And yeah, I know I'm weird that way. Deal.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

procrast in motion, part II

Now that I have a computer with a DVD-ROM drive, I am finally able to upload the wedding pictures that our photographer sent us.

The files are enormous because they are supremely high resolution, and I didn't feel like devoting the rest of my afternoon to picture-sorting, so I only put the ones that are also in our print album onto my hard drive. Which if you think about it is totally ass-backwards, since I should have the ones that are not preserved in hard copy available. Guess that just ain't the way I roll.

Going through the files and renaming them, I immediately proceeded to get all mushy and wedding-obsessed again. So I went ahead and uploaded the photos to my Flickr site. Not only will this allow me to direct friends to the photos without having to email them huge files that could potentially explode either their computers or their patience, but the uploader doober also automatically resized and renamed the files (from .tifs to .jpgs) so that I can redownload a smaller version to my hard drive.

Which means I can now post them here. Salud!