Friday, February 11, 2011

bibiana pollyanna

As friends have mentioned beforeI'm not sure why this place flies so far under the radar. My good friend Carol will go all stabby on me for this, but seriously, Bibiana is incredible, and everyone should go there, now -- or, wait. Let me try that again. No one should go there at all, ever, leaving it all for me.

No one should go to get the phenomenal service or the outrageously good drinks, particularly the Addio al Re, Marcarini Chinato, Etichetta Nera Brandy, Orange Bitters ($12). And the food ... well, don't get the Carciofi alla Giudia that lived up to every bite of the dish I ever had in Rome. And certainly don't follow my lead on the mains, because although I almost never order pasta out, the Ravioli, Ravioli of Braised Lamb, Almonds, Espelette, Mint, Pecorino (full order $18) were out of this world, every bite a perfect compendium of flavor and texture, and if what I got is the half order, I'd like to see the person who can finish the full order.

Seriously, don't go to Bibiana. Please. Because I want to continue to be able to walk in at 7 in the evening and have the place to myself.