Saturday, March 10, 2007

a typical night chez les maltese

1. Order pizza for take-out from Flatbread.

2. Discuss over dinner why you have never actually eaten Flatbread for dinner* before, in two-plus years in Portland.

3. Somehow get into a discussion about presidential assassinations.

4. Discover you were both right: McKinley and Garfield were both assassinated. Sort of.

5. Wonder if having three names makes one more likely to succeed as a presidential assassin.

6. Wind up talking about Stephen Sondheim.

Yeah. Trust me; if you wiki "Jim and Leigh Maltese," you get redirected to a terribly appropriate term.

OK, actually, it'd be cooler for us if that were true. Which just proves the point.

And dude. Garfield's assassin? Totally nuts.

*If you care: We have both had Flatbread before, but because I am a yuppie pizza snob, we have never ordered it in for ourselves. Or any other pizza, for that matter -- we've made do with quais-gourmet frozen for as long as we've lived in Maine. Yeah, I'm serious. And yeah, I know I'm weird that way. Deal.


Torie said...

I used to tell the story of Garfield's assassination on tours at Williams--part of the "famous people went here!" spiel.

Melanie T. said...

Ha! Briana and I actually had an argument about Garfield being Assassinated the other day. She was saying he wasn't and I was arguing that I KNEW that he was because he was a subject in "Assassins" :-) When we looked it up, she said that they don't always count it as an assassination because he died 2 months later from a heart attack. Whatever. I know Guiteau did it, and Dennis O'Hare did an excellent job portraying him :-)