Monday, November 13, 2006

justify my love

It's never too early for a New Year's Resolution, right?

Well, perhaps it is, especially given that I neither believe in the institution nor actually ever feel like resolving anything come January 1st. (Really, does anyone? Is anyone even awake on January 1st?)

However, an e-mail I received today from Wine Spectator's Sips and Tips prompted me to change my mind just this once. So, here goes:

I resolve to try every wine on this list before the next year's results come out.

Which is really just a seasonal way of justifying my desire to host a blind tasting party. Who's free in January?

Á votre santé!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh! ohhh!! ME! ME!

Here's an idea: why not have a New Year's Party and have everyone bring one bottle off the list. That way you 1) get to try them all (at the expense of other people), 2) you get to host a party (which, I know, you *hate* doing!) and 3) that gives me something to do on New Years' Eve (providing I'm invited, which, given the fact it was my idea, I should be!)

Just a thought! :)

BTW: It's M~ if you didn't figure that out