Monday, October 13, 2008

only time anyone ever hopes for a root canal

I believe in personalized license plates that are funny, or quirky, or clever. Our family had a BMW Z3 convertible with the plate Z3PO for quite some time (and I was ridiculously proud of my mom for coming up with that one.) I totally would have driven around with TK-421 or 1701-D* if I'd been able** to get them on my first car back in highschool.

When it comes to vanity plates, though, I don't believe in them for certain things, particularly bragging (IMRICH on your Maserati, for example) or sexual innuendo (QT PIE is just silly). I also have a bit of a gut reaction against plates that act to champion your political views. For example, what if you're lobbying a cause that becomes law? Then you just seem out of touch, or out of date.

Or in the case of this plate, what if you're lobbying a cause in a truly idiotic and at the very least incapable-of-informing-others manner? For example: Does Mr. or Ms. DrillNow believe we should drill off-shore? In ANWAR? In his/her licensing state of West Virginia? Everywhere? How much drilling? When should it stop? When is "now" anyway?*** 

I realize there can be a lot of misinterpretation. It's entirely possible the owner of this plate was not someone shouting "Drill Baby Drill!" at the television along with the crowd at the GOP Convention. 

Benefit of the doubt, people. I, for once, choose to believe that maybe the driver is just a dentist.

*I wanted NCC1701-D, but Missouri, at least at that time, had a six-character (plus hyphen) limit.
**"Been able" meaning I actually requested them, and both were taken. Rock on, geeks of Missouri!
***This link thrown in just to up the sci-fi/geek factor of this entire post.

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Anonymous said...

We love the Jersey shore so one car has CUN OCNJ (See you in Ocean City NJ) and the other car "mocks" the way so many in New England pronounced my New Hampshire college (Dartmouth) w/o the "r" DATMUTH.

Campy said...

I looked at this photo before, but I just noticed now that it was taken in front of my office! Small world, Leleboo.