Friday, February 19, 2010

flu the coop

Between the massive amounts of snow that Mother Nature decided to dump on DC* and then the flu that took me out, I've barely been out of my house for the past two weeks. And I am going completely and utterly stir-crazy.

The problem is that when I do venture out, I wind up feeling sicker than before, prolonging the misery. Ever had one of those low-grade fevers that wipes you out, gives you a headache and body aches, and makes you feel vaguely subhuman? Yeah, that's me in a nutshell ("Look! I'm in a nutshell!") right there.

Put it this way: During this week of the flu, I haven't even felt like cooking. I know, right? The four horsemen must be on their way.

Luckily, I've had things like the greatest new blog on the Internet to keep me company. It's not quite the same as, you know, leading a normal life, but it's at least kept me from carving notches in the wall to track my imprisonment.

*I am actually not at all upset about the snow. I sort of consider it all the snow I've been missing since we moved from Maine -- it just came all at once. The problem is that this region has no system and no infrastructure for dealing with the snow, and even a massive sudden warm-up is just going to lead to flooded intersections and transit issues instead of street-clearing. Oh well. At least I own cute wellies.

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