Wednesday, July 20, 2011

tomato darn hot

(This title may be the worst play-on-words I've yet attempted.)

When the entire country finds itself strangled by a heat wave, what's a girl to do for lunch?

A giant bowl of gazpacho, that's what.

Now, I don't make gazpacho with bread, which I thought meant I wasn't adhering to tradition. Just now, however, a friend who has been living in Spain for a year told me that, while of course it depends whom you ask and where you are, gazpacho is the vegetable soup, and salmorejo is the bread version. So I guess I'm not as much of a renegade as I thought!

I found some gorgeous (actually, ugly as sin, but beautifully ripe and wonderful) heirloom tomatoes at the market. Grabbed a cucumber and a yellow onion and, after minimal prep, threw it all in the food processor with huge handfuls of cilantro and parsley, plenty of salt and pepper, and a couple small cloves of raw garlic. A squeeze of lemon juice and a few hits of hot sauce, and I had a huge batch of gazpacho for a few lunches.

I topped my bowl with diced avocado from the small half I had leftover, and man, did it fit the bill. Take that, ridiculous heat wave.


Daniel Korn said...

You need some tartness and some fatty consistency in there. Try adding some olive oil, and a touch of high quality sherry vinegar.

Daniel Korn said...

Oh, and if you want bread in there without making salmorejo, just add a few croutons on top when serving. I always like to add them along with some diced tomatoes and cucumbers for texture.

Leigh said...

Daniel, I actually prefer mine without oil (and without bread). The lemon gives it plenty of tartness, though. Sometimes I do use a bit of sherry vinegar, or red-wine vinegar.

Leigh said...

And the avocado did nicely for the consistency aspect.