Wednesday, February 14, 2007

lush to love you baby

I just got out of the shower to find that my husband had been sent home early from work.

The sort of non-snow snow we were having? Yeah, it suddenly morphed into oh my God the world is exploding with sleet and hurling gigantic piles of snow through the air at warp speeds run for your liiiiiives!!!! in the blink of an eye, and the boss told everyone to pack up and head out.

As is his wont, Jim brought up the mail when he got home. I went over to it and was flipping through when I noticed a neatly wrapped box addressed to me.

Me: "But I didn't get you anything!"

Jim: "I didn't ask for anything."

Me: "Neither did I!"

Jim: "..."

Me: "Well, except a puppy--"

Jim: "Just open it."

I did. Turns out that Lush has opened a store in Harvard Square, and Jim decided to explore it during his breaks from running recruiting interviews on Friday. I don't know where he hid what he bought between then and now -- Lush products have such strong aromas (given that they are all made fresh) that it's hard to miss them when they are in your general vicinity -- but somehow he got it back here without my noticing.

Every once in a while something reminds me that I know I married the right man. What did so today? Well, the absolutely wonderful Jim did not merely get me a fantastic gift box filled to the brim with wonderful bath-y items. No, indeed. That's for rank amateurs.

My husband? Seems he applied the most important lesson of cosmetics shopping: spend enough to get the free gift.

Not one, but two boxes filled with bath bombs, lotion soap bars, and lip balm that smells good enough to eat?

I love him.

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Murphy Brown said...


I've only been to one: in London 10 years ago. It was like Mecca to me. Only problem is: i don't have a tub. And now my new Mecca is Whole Foods.

But LUSH...tempting to go make a run....

Maybe someday they'll make Portland their flagship store.

A girl can dream.