Thursday, April 13, 2006


So on one of yesterday morning's interstitial news breaks during Today, Somber Reliable Newscaster (so noted by his salt-and-pepper almost-buzzed haircut) announced that Maine ranks #1 in state and local tax burden on its citizens. He added with a half-smile, "We're number one -- ahead of, you guessed it, New York."

Uh, dude? Red Sox Nation pride might actually be going a little too far here. "You may have Johnny Damon, but we carry the heaviest tax burden!"

Yeah, not so much.

Then today, while Perky Female Newscaster and Grizzled But Mildly Entertaining Meteorologist were discussing the weekend's rather crappy forecast, PFN announced, "Well, I can remember when it's snowed on Easter Sunday, so I guess it could always be worse, right?"

And GBMEM responded, smiling and nodding enthusiastically, "Oh yes! It could always be worse!"

Something tells me these people didn't quite understand Newscaster Lesson #1: Putting a Positive Spin on Negative News.

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