Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This article is absolutely brilliant.

I mean, it's not brilliant enough to get me to watch the cheese, but still.

For example:

"The cheddar is not busy. It just sits there in a dank, climate-and-humidity controlled cheese-ripening warehouse, subtly aging with hundreds of other cheeses. Once a week a man named Gary, Mr. Calver’s cheese-turner, comes in and turns it to redistribute the moisture within. Compared with the cheese-cam, the old Yule Log on television was a roiling hotbed of nonstop commotion."

I don't generally giggle aloud while reading about cheese. Or anything, for that matter. I do, however, giggle when I read things like "Waiting for Gouda" in the Times.

And yes, Mom and Dad, I do think she wants some cheese.

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