Friday, April 06, 2007

shameless plug

So, I'm generally pretty modest about my abilities in just about every area...except stage management. I know I'm a damn good stage manager, and frankly, there aren't that many of us out there. Even while I feel guilty even thinking I'm good at it, I know I am, and it's kind of sustaining.

However, in my theatrical experience, I have met a few stage managers who are as good as, or better than, I am. And one of them is my friend Mel.

We met at the Williamstown Theatre Festival -- hilariously abbreviated among its denizens as "WTF"-- and Mel amazed me from day one with her skills.

She now has her AEA card, which is wonderful except for the fact that AEA stage managers get paid crap, and that's totally unfair and the topic of another long ranting post at some point. In the meantime, she has stage managed or PA'ed (i.e., worked as a production assistant on) many fantastic Broadway shows.

Some clunkers, too, but we'll ignore those.

And today, she sent me this (relevant info at bottom of scrolldown and reposted below):

"A by-invitation-only developmental reading of Craig Shemin's The Green Room will be held April 23 at the 45th Street Theater. Original Avenue Q stars Stephanie D'Abruzzo and Jordan Gelber will be joined by Jimmy Bennett, Tim Cain, John Gaines, Tom Galantich, Tom Mizer and Amanda Weeden for the 8 PM reading. Lisa Gilbar will direct; Melanie T. Morgan will be the stage manager. [...] Interested industry professionals may request tickets by sending e-mailing"

Dude. She got boldfaced on Playbill. And I have a picture of her with Tom Stoppard and David I'm-Blanking-On-His-Last-Name-But-He's-Important. Really.

Mel is my idol.

Anyone wants an AEA SM, you know whom to call.

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