Thursday, June 07, 2007

learn summat new ever' day

Jim and I went downstairs just now to try to catch Simpsons reruns in the lounge. Unfortunately, the digital cable connection is inexplicably out. This also means we can't watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight. Who's gonna TiVo it for us? (Pretty please?)

However, on the ride down to the lounge, we ran into a couple who were, well, possibly a weensy bit tipsy. When we got onto the elevator, see, I was carrying a glass of wine. No, I was not trying to numb myself for the five-floor ride; rather, I was taking my wine and a small bar of delicious Scharffen Berger 70% chocolate down to the lounge to enjoy while watching television.

Anyway, this couple -- probably the only people over forty-five, by the way, we've seen in our building since we moved here -- seemed slightly schnockered, looked at my wine, and asked if we were going up to the 13th floor. (Note: this was a downward-bound elevator.) We looked confused, I guess, because they went on to say there's a terrace there and you can take drinks.

Well, he said that. She said, "Hey, don't give away all our secrets!"

And that was awkward.

Anyway, they saw us off at the lounge floor, and when we discovered that the digital cable was not functional, we decided, what the hell, let's go to the top floor and see what we can see.

Well, turns out we have a pretty good view. It's not as great as if the terrace were on the southern side of the building, in which case I think we could see the Monument and possibly the White House. However, we can see the National Cathedral and Thomas Circle and it's just a nice, relaxing place to go. There's a little bench and a little--well, to me it looks kind of like a sukkah without the fruit, if that helps, which for more than half of you it won't --and it's really quite lovely.

We still have no stuff, but at least there are some perks thus far.

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