Monday, June 04, 2007

the relocation blues

Well, we're here.

Yep, we're safely installed in our new digs. And by "installed" I mean "I cannot wait to start work tomorrow if only because I should have a desk with a chair and not be sitting on the floor anymore."

This is because, while we made it to the District safe and sound with a very welcome week-long detour through South Carolina, our furniture did not actually even make it out of our Maine apartment until the day we arrived in the Mid-Atlantic, and it won't be joining us here for another week. (Props to Ms. Soto for her masterful supervision of the packing, and to Mr. Opperman for his masterful cleaning job.)

We have some bits and pieces because Mom and Dad were happy to provide certain necessities of which they had extras (thanks, Mom!) and because we bought a few other must-haves (thanks, credit card companies!), but essentially, we're living out of suitcases and picnicking on the carpet. Wait, no, that sounds lame. Let's call it "urban camping," shall we?

In all seriousness, though, it's really pretty great. Our apartment is in a fantastic location for us, so we have explored the neighborhood a little and realized we can walk to Whole Foods. This is, of course, a massive triumph for me. We are having dinner tonight with one friend, drinks with another, and brunch on Sunday with a third. And while walking home from dinner Saturday, we ran into a college friend on the corner right near our place. It's kind of awesome.

This is not to say that there have not been been a few snags -- above and beyond the moving-company hell, that is -- but overall, things are positive. The bathroom has two doors, but one won't open alllll the way due to the placement of the toilet (a common apartment foible, but still). The dishwasher is slightly smaller than my previous one -- but I have a double sink! And a gas stove! And an ice-maker! Most vexing during this time of Furniture-Free Living, though, is the fact that the pass-through counter is not meant to be a breakfast bar, so unless I buy extra-tall bar stools, I can't use it for least, not without thinking creatively. Last night we decided not to eat dinner on the floor and used our big CD storage books as booster seats so we could eat at the counter. We still weren't quite at the right height, so our feet dangled freely and our plates were a little too close to our chins, but hey, if four-year-olds can do it, so can we!

We've also decided we should paint before our stuff arrives, but that means driving the six hours round-trip to and from Warminster to borrow painting accoutrements from the Malteses. The idea of getting back in the car half makes me cringe, but then I realize, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing, since spending Friday night there means a real bed and not an air mattress. And chairs...

I'd post pictures, but we packed the digital camera's cable. That's probably for the best -- this way you'll see it when it's all gussied up, and when my hip flexors don't ache from contorting myself all over the damn place.

It's good. It's gonna get better. Welcome to D.C.

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