Friday, January 19, 2007

procrast in motion

What I need to do:

Prep 1000 pages (give or take) of new SAT teaching materials.

Watch the DVD of Broadway Junior's "Disney's Aladdin" to learn the choreography I'll be teaching.

Copy-edit a 215-page manuscript in my new job as a freelance book editor.

What I am actually doing:

Looking up recipes for bourbon-pecan pie, blackberry trifle, chocolate bread pudding, and the best method of making my own breadcrumbs.

Wondering if Rachel's and my in-laws' recent adherence to the first phase of South Beach has triggered a previously-unknown inherent sadistic urge to cook carbohydrates.

It's not that I can't focus. I'm supremely able to fixate on a single concept, such as "Bread! Yum!" It would seem, rather, that I am singularly incapable of focusing on what actually needs my attention.

Pecan pie, anyone?

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