Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the family i've made

A select few of the friends we've made here in the Land of Port (...ha!) are more family than friends. They won't easily be lost from my life, and this is a tribute to them.

One is a younger brother who is trying to make it as an artist. He's talented and awesome and everyone should book him for a gig.

Another may be even younger, but is too much like me for words. (Well, if I'd been a younger-sib boy rather than an only-sib girl.) He's got an amazing mind and astounding intellect, and it stuns me more than I can say.

And the last is the younger sister I never had but probably always wanted. Plus she has inherited all our leftover alcohol and our air-conditioner. Whee.

You're all expected in DC, kids. Don't forget it.


J said...

this made me wicked sad :(

- jaeger

and i will be down in DC faster than you can say Marion Barry

Luke said...

so basically you met a bunch of siblings.... creep.... come back?