Monday, May 14, 2007

i think i might artichoke

On Saturday night, I went out for the most fantabulous girls' night out ever with Cat and Alisa. We sat at the bar at Chez Henri and ate a bunch of delicious food (duck tamale, smoked baby octopus, empanadas....mmmm) and even more delicious cheeses. We drank various cocktails containing rum and cava (namely, the rhum cocktail marilene, the mojito, and the pomegranate 75, if you are interested).

Then we noticed a bottle on the shelf called Cynar.

As we were waiting for our check, Cat pointed out that she'd noticed it earlier but forgotten to mention it when Alisa and I showed up. It seemed as though the label was decorated with an artichoke, which all three of us found...odd.

Don't get me wrong -- we all actually love artichokes. Eating them, anyway. But a liquor made from artichokes? It seemed unusual enough that although we pretty confidently identified the design as an actual artichoke blossom, we figured we had to be mistaken, that the label must not reflect the contents in any way other than, perhaps, metaphorically. And despite our earlier imbibing, we weren't, well, "prepared" to taste it to find out. We just decided we must have been misled.

As it turns out? Not so much.

See, Alisa and I returned to Dick's apartment to find the menfolk playing Wii, so we decided to do a little internet research.

And wow were we--and, once we relayed the information, was Cat--glad we didn't decide to try it. Seriously: artichoke liquor? That would not have been the ideal end to an otherwise ideal evening.


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