Monday, August 14, 2006

back to cool season

I believe it's wrong that I'm considering getting a lame office job just so that I can wear work outfits.

Put aside the fact that I loathe cubicle life in general and that such a job probably wouldn't pay me enough to shop for such items -- I'm still lusting after this outfit.

There must be another way, without becoming an embittered overworked desk jockey. I bet I could teach in that, right? Chalk dust be damned, SAT students deserve a well-dressed mentor, even if it costs as much as I get paid per session.

(The ability to justify anything? Priceless.)


Caroline said...

I second that! especially since, sitting in an office cubical, most people wouldn't be able to appreciate how hot you look in it. if you're standing in front of a class... :D

LizzieDaisy said...

Yes, well I was excited until I figured out today that I've worked an average of 11.6 hours per workday since starting (that's adding in weekends to workdays as I'm paid salary). WTF? I did go get a brand new wardrobe that really rocks though. Hee. Love it. I will click your link and go visit.