Tuesday, August 15, 2006

it never rains but it pays

My husband and I had just reached the conclusion that it would behoove our financial situation if I hied myself to the temp agency and signed up for some data entry jobs -- which I did -- when:

1) I received an over-zealous GRE tutee who wants to meet at least six times before Labor Day;

2) I received an ever more over-zealous LSAT tutee who wants to keep studying with a tutor after his LSAT class ends, up until test day;

3) I received word that the GRE curriculum team is resuming question generation after cutting it off when the news that the GRE was being revamped came down the wires;

4) I received an almost inhuman amount of SAT lesson and test material to review as quickly as is (in)humanly possible.

Cripes. If I were a superstitious person, I would say I should have hied myself to the temp agency long ago -- not for temp work, but because the good karma makes all the other work come out of the...well...woodwork.

Hm. Seems my cranium has reserved my linguistic capacities for usage solely in my role as SAT manuscript editrix. Back to work, I guess!

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