Tuesday, August 08, 2006

small favors

Another notch in the "I'm so glad my sisters-in-law and I are not Bridezillas" list:

Me: "Wait wait wait. What the hell is a Dollar Dance?"

Torie: "It's when you make the bridesmaids hold little bags and people have to pay to dance with the bride and groom. And I didn't list them all. Oops."

Me: "That's the worst thing I've ever heard."

"Oh -- this is the best part -- the bride's younger sister, who is in high school, did not get a summer job this summer because she needed to be available to help the bride with the wedding. The bride is a teacher. She had the summer off. And she lives where she got married. Can you please tell me what is so complicated?!?!"

Me: "I give up. That...is vile. And you win; you're the first person I know who has actually met and been in the wedding of a Bridezilla."

Torie: "Thank you."

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