Monday, August 07, 2006

love is in the air

If ever I decide to abandon my sanity for a job, I would be a great wedding coordinator.

I served unofficially in that wise this past weekend, when Becky and Chris got married. Admittedly, I do exaggerate; all I really did was put together the emergency bag o' stuff that every bride needs to have around (sewing kit, Band-Aids, safety pins, bobby pins, deodorant, gum, dental floss, a hairbrush, and ibuprofen) and just make myself available to do anything that needed or wanted doing by anyone at any time. I do like to be useful.

Or, as Elizabeth put it: "Once a stage manager..."

Anyway, enough about me. The wedding! The weekend was gorgeous, comprising the three most beautiful days that the state of Maine has seen this calendar year. Becky mentioned that it must be due to her working as a guidance counselor at a Catholic school -- after a year there, she's "got connections." Hee.

The inn was just adorable and lent the event the feeling of a big house party. We took over the whole place, so everything you needed at the last minute was just up the stairs or around the corner. Very handy, particularly when you are running for emergency supplies -- or your husband's license, when the bartender cards him -- in heels.

The guest list spanned genes and generations. So many kids! Trying to get Ryan and Katie, Chris' and now Becky's nephew and niece, to walk down the aisle at the right time was a little tricky, but it ended up being the most heartwrenchingly adorable sight ever. Becky has been "Aunt Becky" since her earliest encounters with Chris' sisters' children, which is just common sense, as you'll know if you're one of the lucky folks who has ever seen Becky interact with children. Kaitlin and Ryan could not wait to be a part of the day when Aunt Becky got to be a princess. Anything to make Aunt Becky's big day a wonderful one. (It seems Katie was rather surprised to hear Uncle Chris would be there, too!)

Then again, I would say there was an inordinate amount of good feeling all around. Sisters, brothers, parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, college and camp friends -- everyone seemed so genuinely thrilled to see Becky and Chris so happy and taking this step. Plus, well, when is a wedding between two people who are truly in love not a stellar, sentimental affair?

After the hike up the hill from the waterside ceremony, we were met by servers holding little shrimp cocktails with a spicy mango-tomato chutney sauce. I took this as a good sign for dinner, and I was not disappointed. Given the Maine connection, the food spanned the range of seafood from lobster ravioli to smoked salmon to mussels to crab cakes (and then some non-seafood options for the silly folks who don't like seafood -- more crab cakes for me, huzzah!).

Becky and Chris danced their first dance to Rustic Overtones, which fit the tenor of the whole day as being so perfectly in tune with who they are, as individuals and as a couple. The DJ took over after that to get the ball rolling. I should note that when the official pictures come in, there will be a disproportionate number of Jim and me dancing. We did our best to cut up the dance floor, with some support from Christie and Ted and Mikki too. The photographer -- who was phenomenal, actually -- was right there with us. Come to think of it, maybe we should have asked her to dance.

But the fun didn't stop when the official wedding timeline reached its end. After the DJ left and people changed into comfortable casual clothes, Jim and Chris rocked the guitar duets. I'm pretty sure we got a nice mix of Eagles, Weezer, Hendrix, and everything in between. Hotel California was particularly impressive, even if I do say so myself.

And, of course, we all ate an inordinate number of moose- and lobster-shaped chocolate lollipops.

So the food, music, and general mingling were wonderful. Still? The greatest thing about the whole weekend had to be the glow on the newlyweds. They are two unequivocally wonderful people, and I believe their virtues increase exponentially as two become one.

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