Monday, February 20, 2006

budget rent-a-karma

Immediately after posting about my label-whore pipe dreams, I received the following e-mail from the folks over at T-Mobile:

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Rebate Customer Care.

Unfortunately, at this time we show no record of receiving your mail in submission in our system.

We are bound to the same terms and conditions as the customer and cannot process a rebate without receiving all offer requirements.

If you have the original complete white sticker panel, cut from the handset box, please resubmit your request to the following address. Also include a copy of your rebate form.

T-Mobile Resubmission
Dept 1250
PO Box 72999
, MI 48272-1250

This sticker label contains several barcodes. The original (not photocopied) version of this label has a unique code, which indicates purchase of an authorized T-Mobile phone or device. This label must be included with the rebate submission or T-Mobile cannot credibly verify the originality of the phone/device.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for choosing T-Mobile.

Donna S.

T-Mobile Rebate Customer Care

Of course, I do not have said sticker label, because I mailed it in as required, with the receipt and the rebate form, on January 4th, the day I received my phone.

And, as Donna S. so clearly mentions, photocopies are not acceptable, so I cannot even send in a photocopy of what I sent before to reapply.

(Doesn't that seem like a Catch-22 in the policy right there? That they have an entire "Resubmission" office, but they ask you to send in the original item that, in theory, you sent in before but they did not receive, necessitating the "re-" part?)

I'm rather powerlessly furious about this. Somehow, I just had a feeling that my rebate would get lost in the mail, and lo and behold! T-Mobile giveth, and T-Mobile taketh away.

I'm negotiating with Donna S. herself, but I don't have high hopes.

Oh Razr, what hath thou wrought?

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