Saturday, February 11, 2006

i love you always forever

One year ago today, Jim asked me to marry him.

Just in case you're curious, I said yes.

Tonight we went out to Fore Street to celebrate.

We had $220 to spend in gift certificates. You should be impressed that we didn't spend all of it, although we did try our darnedest. Even the best spots (and world-renowned) in Maine aren't as expensive as similar places in Boston, New York, or San Francisco.

We treated ourselves to a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Frankly, I could have stopped right there with the wine and the sourdough bread (Fore Street owns Standard Bakery here) and it would have been worthy of a write-up. But of course, there was more to come -- there always is when you're wearing Manolos and carrying a Chanel purse. (Read: Spoiled! But grateful for it, ain't no question.)

Jim had wood-grilled calamari (yum!) and two cuts of Maine lamb over herbed emmer with a lovely broccolini side. I had a blood orange and endive salad that was unfairly out-of-this-world and Maine farm-raised rabbit (fork-tender and amazingly good) with a braised cabbage that was far, far better than any cabbage on earth has any right to be.

All of it was ridiculously delicious. So delicious that there are not words in human language to describe how amazingly delicious was the food that we consumed. So delicious that at one point I cast furtive glances around the restaurant and then actually picked up the leg of rabbit to get the remaining shreds of meat that eluded my knife. Terrible manners, but so so worth it.

We shared a cheese course at the end, with a glass of ruby port. We had a Maine-made brie, a cheddared firm goat cheese (very reminiscent of a manchego, only better), and the most outstanding, overwhelming blue, a Cabrales from Spain.

In between, we talked about our plans for Paris and for the rest of our lives together. We did that thing where we couldn't stop smiling at one another. I'm sure anyone who saw us gagged.

Now we are home, sated and reminded how happy we are to be together.

What a wonderful night.

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LizzieDaisy said...

I would be gagging if I weren't so completely happy for you. :) Sounds lovely Lele. And the food sounds amazing. I haven't had anything that good (read different... I've been to an outrageously expensive and fantastic restaurant and been blow away, but by steak) since we were in Seattle. I do love that city.