Friday, June 30, 2006

but #14 might be my favorite

Unless you have sold your soul to Milhouse or have lost all capacity for enjoyment, you just might laugh 'til you hurt while reading The 50 Worst Video Game Names of All Time.

You've probably never heard of any of these. I sure hadn't. OK, actually, I do remember hearing about the sequel to Parappa the Rapper, but I didn't really pay attention.

Regardless: the names of these games, which are all real, and the comments that voice exactly what you are thinking after reading said names, are frickin' hilarious.

A sample:


A superpower it ain't.

From the Totally Out of Ideas department comes Jumpman.

Let's see...there's a man...and he jumps."

No better way to close out the week before a national holiday.

(Oh, and #3 comes in pretty high on my hilarity list too.)

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Jason said...

I have to admit, I was in tears laughing so much at this list! When I tried to tell Frieda about it last night, she just didn't see the funny side. I suppose you just have to see it yourself. And be a computer geek...

By the way, one of my favourites is 'World Soccer Winning Eleven 5 : Final Evolution'. And what makes it even sweeter, is on the same page there's an ad for a new game... 'World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 : World Cup Giveaway'! Obviously the games developers haven't learned their lesson ( or found out what the word 'final' means... ).