Sunday, January 22, 2006

document nation

I. SAT Reasoning Test (tm)
Question-and-Answer Service
October 2005 Administration

II. Online Test #1, one-sided

III. Online Test #6, one-sided

IV. 2006 SAT Tutoring Verbal Veteran TEL Kit (Item No. SP6116A) -- Dear Tutor, We have updated our SAT Tutoring materials! Please make sure this package contains the following items:
[V]SP6114A:SAT Critical Reading Tutoring TEL Supplement
[VI]SP6112A:SAT Writing Tutoring TEL Supplement
[VII]SP5119A:SAT Practice Test 1: Private Tutoring
[VIII]SP5116A:SAT Practice Test 1 Answers and Explanations
[IX]SP5117A:SAT Practice Test 2
[X]SP:5118A:SAT Practice Test 2 Answers and Explanations

XI. SAT Practice Test 1 (Classroom): 12 copies

XII. SAT Practice Test 1 Answers and Explanations: 12 copies

XIII. 2006 SAT Teacher's Edition of the Lesson (expected delivery: 1/25)

XIV. 2005 Tutoring TEL (CR, Writing, Math): destroyed by weather conditions in storage locker. New one to be acquired.

KTPA: Doing its best to destroy the world's forests and drown me in a sea of paper.

(N.B. Due to copyright laws and the heavy penalites for sharing KTPA's intellectual property, I have not put pictures of the actual materials in question on this site. What you see is merely retail. It's a good approximation of about half the amount of paper currently invading my living space.)

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