Wednesday, January 11, 2006

garage banned

Occasionally (by which I mean, "at least once a week"), the garage door at our apartment building decides to have a little fun with us.

On one particularly freezing December night, we arrived home from a party to find the door stuck halfway up (or halfway down, I suppose).

Today, it started doing a little dance it enjoys. It starts to close, gets about halfway down, then opens again. It acts as though something is activating the sensor that tells it not to close, even when no such entity exists.

Sometimes it will do this up-and-down-and-up just once. Sometimes it will do it for minutes on end, whenever someone hits the button.

The latter is a much more frightening exhibition, because one never knows if it will come to rest in the up (i.e., useful) position, or in the down (i.e., trapping all our cars inside) position.

The last time I ventured to the garage, it was doing its dance of horror and I chose not to risk the gauntlet this time.

Meeting canceled.

Game, set, match: Garage Door.

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