Wednesday, January 11, 2006


It's one of those days where I cannot, for the life of me, actually get any work done.

I have a curriculum assignment that's due tomorrow. All week I've thought it was due Friday, because when I received the assignment, I read it as "due 1/13." Ah, Friday the 13th! I thought. Brilliant.

However, it seems that the email mutated itself overnight and the file is due the 12th. It's not a long assignment, and something I can easily knock out today, except for the fact that for some reason my brain is rebelling against the perceived change of deadline, and I can't get any words to come out.

And this is freelancing. Imagine if I had a real boss breathing down my neck.

Oh, right, I did that. Yeah, that didn't go well either.

Making everything worse is that I actually have a meeting from 2-4 today, about thirty minutes away. I actually have to clean myself and dress myself and haul myself to a location outside of my apartment at a decent hour. On the way back I have to pick up the dry cleaning and get some stuff at the drugstore. Not that I couldn't have done that yesterday when there was no business on my plate. Of course not. That would make logical, non-procrastinatory sense.

Seriously, no one should ever, ever hire me for a job that requires me to be in any place at any time with any people. I need just to be my own boss and have done with it.

I'll get right to work on that.

As soon as I'm done with this other stuff.

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