Tuesday, January 31, 2006

rest in briefs

You know when you're folding the laundry and you come across that pair of boxer briefs that your husband has owned longer than you've known him, and the elastic is protruding from the waistband, which is itself sort of wonky and wobbly, and there are holes in unintentional places, and you're actually amazed that the fabric isn't entirely transparent at this point, so you go to throw them away, but in mid-stride you realize that your husband is (irrationally, perhaps, but you don't care) attached to this pair of boxer shorts, perhaps more than he is to you, and if you were to dispose of them he might actually weep with an overwhelming sense of loss and betrayal?

I just had that moment.

And then I regained my senses and I threw the damn things out.

GapBody for men, I sense a spree coming on.

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LizzieDaisy said...


hope he doesn't divorce you though