Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ignorance is bliss

Things I Believe I Should Know At Age 27.

(But Clearly Do Not.)

1) How to figure out what kind/size/style of mortgage Jim and I could qualify for.

2) How to determine the optimal number of exemptions for tax withholding for two-person two-income married-filing-jointly tax forms.

3) How to put an important item in a safe place and not immediately forget where that safe place is, leading to my never being able to find said important item again.

4) How to sew seams, darn socks, replace drawstrings, remove stains, and perform other clothing repairs beyond the average button replacement.

5) How to get my mind to calm down when a number of important decisions loom large on the horizon, but none can be dealt with in the immediate present. I tried yoga and distraction. I think next on the list are wine and chocolate.

6) How to get loud, rowdy neighbors (at 2 in the afternoon!) to shut up without actually having to confront them. Seriously, what the hell are they doing over there?? Isn't it a little early for a kegger?


La Vaca Se Fue said...

I feel your pain. I am afraid of taxes, houses, and important papers lest I somehow screw them up royally. Also, student loans frighten me.

But wine and chocolate sounds like a good plan. And I think a dry cleaner/tailor should be responsible for item 4.

Leigh said...

I actually truly enjoy the preparation of taxes. It's just the setting-up that bugs me. Want me to prepare yours? Heh.

You're far too sensible regarding item 4. :)

Polley said...

And I thought the congenital defect of placing important items in safe places, only to forget those places immediately, only emerged in late middle age! Thanks for letting me know I still have things in common with you young folks. And don't worry--Jim is VERY accustomed to this aberrant behavior.