Tuesday, March 21, 2006

dead last

Dad called last night. It seems the United States Postal Service had kindly delivered one last, errant wedding invitation response, despite the fact that it had merely a thirty-seven-cent stamp on it.

The invitation had been sent to an incredibly distant relative of my grandmother's -- I think. This woman ranked so far on the "distant relative" scale that my father had never met her, at least not within conscious memory, and only my Aunt Ann was even aware of her current location.

The response made us cry until we laughed until we cried. I include it here for your reading horror.

The favour of a reply is requested before the first of November.

I just found this (3/17/06).

Mom passed away October 6, 2005.

She went into a terminal coma from a botched test.

Just thought I would let you know.

Best wishes,
[name redacted]

Dad did ask if we got a gift. We did not. And really? I'm fairly sure it's better that way.

I feel like I should send a condolence note, but that might only promulgate the terrible absurdity of the situation. It's all sorts of creepy and weird, and funny just because some things are so awful that you have to laugh so you don't hurt.

I do think it's probably unique in the cache of wedding responses we got. Someday, well, that's gonna be a hell of a memory. Oy vey.

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