Wednesday, March 15, 2006


There are some hidden perils to working at home and making your own schedule. As many of us can attest -- Fiona first among them -- the worker-at-home can all too easily fall into the trap of working all the time.

I, of course, try to balance this by being constantly signed in to several e-mail and chat programs and studiously avoiding everything I truly should be doing.

But in all seriousness, I definitely have let myself slide into working at any and all hours, every day of the week. The only days I currently don't teach at all are Tuesday and Wednesday, so I generally devote a large chunk of those days to complete curriculum work or other class preparation. When I come home from SAT class on Saturdays and Sundays, I often set to work on more Kaplan items. Although my Drama Kids classes on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays don't start until after school, I generally spend pre-class time reviewing the day's lesson and thinking about how to accomodate an ever-changing roster of attendees (curse you, Cold and Flu Season!).

This spirals out of control. It may not seem so detrimental to the soul on the surface, but trust me -- there comes a moment, when, even though I don't keep normal work days and hours, I find that something like three weeks have passed without a single day wherein I did nothing that contributed to my earning power, and I sort of want to throw my checkbook out the window and run and hide.

Today was one of those days.

However, I saw it coming, and this time I was careful. This time, I decided to put to good use my husband's phenomenal birthday gift to me: a day at the spa.

I booked a massage, followed by a facial. I made sure I had no pressing engagements, and for the first time ever, I had two solid hours of total pampering.

I came home and make myself a lovely lunch. Then, I relaxed on the couch for a while, trying to avoid feeling guilty for not glue-gunning the puppets for tomorrow's class (I'll do it in the morning), and finally headed to the shower to transform my hair from randomly-growing-out highlighted to "Suede" light brown that was on sale for less than $6, and since it's only demi-permanent, that was good enough for me.

All told, it's been a rather impressively wonderful day of doing nothing. The only damper is that the friends with whom we had dinner plans had to reschedule -- but, in keeping with my not having any responsibility today, my adorable husband has elected that we shall go out to dinner anyway. We even have a little something to celebrate: His year-end bonus, which, since it was delivered today, might even be considered payment for my doing nothing.


Fiona said...

Okay, you win. I can't come up with a version of 'shirkaholic' that suggests the loss of fluids rather than imbibing them. Damn you.

I, as is my wont, flit from one extreme to the other in my working from home habits - unfortunately, I am in the midst of a ten-minutes-is-enough-off-a-day-right? stint. What my Grandmother selfishly falling ill last weekend, and my own flawed bodily functions, I fell slightly behind this week, and combined with my inability to say no to work, I will be working all evening, most of Saturday, and - horror - the all important day in between, St. Patrick's Day. I bring shame upon my compatriots, who will drink bravely on without me.

I'm so glad you enjoyed your day off - you deserved it.

LizzieDaisy said...

Okay, two things...

1) You are pushing me away from the working at home option. Not that I ever play on the net instead of working... but it was a very valid point. :)
2) Natural Instincts is my friend. I think it's Pecan. Love it!

Jealous of the spa day. Never even been to a spa. Sounds heavenly.