Monday, March 20, 2006

the wearin' o' the jean

On Friday last, I fell in love with this pair of jeans.

I know that I should not have even been looking at jeans I might possibly want to buy, since there is less than zero need in my wardrobe for yet another pair. But Lyette posted about shopping for the missing elements of her spring wardrobe, and jeans were on her list.

I responded that I am something of a denim label fiend, and that my mother has found two of the greatest pairs of jeans for me ever, at wildly discounted prices.

Mom, Lyette would now like you to use your shopping sixth sense -- dare I call it the jean gene? -- to find her some awesome new jeans. Just so's ya know.

In any case, because we were having this conversation in blog comments, I was receiving copies of them in my Gmail, and Gmail just loves to taunt me. "Talking about jeans, eh?" it says. "You should go to this site then!" and so on and so forth.

And of course I do what Gmail tells me. Because I am weak.

Several friends helped to talk me out of purchasing the amazing jeans, despite the fact that they are fifty percent off. Half price, people! Think of the value!

But I haven't purchased them yet. See, right after Gmail directed me to the dangerous website showcasing the massively discounted designer jeans in stock in my size (just sayin'), it directed me to vintage prom dresses,

I may be a shopping addict, but come on, Gmail. Even I have my limits.

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