Sunday, March 26, 2006

it worries me that i enjoy the nyt arts section

Lately I've felt that the best writing -- not necessarily the best reporting, mind you -- is to be found in the Arts section of the New York Times. (Note: This, by default, excludes Victoria Heffernan and Alessandra Stanley.)

I have found myself utterly fascinated by Jonathan Kalb's article on Samuel Beckett's legacy. As a Literature concentrator with a focus on modern drama, I was subjected to -- er, I mean, enjoyed -- my share of Beckett. But mostly it's the headline that has sucked me in and kept me coming back to re-read the piece:

You Must Go On After Beckett. I Can't Go On After Beckett. Go On.

If you aren't familiar with Beckett, then I apologize, because that will clearly make absolutely no sense. If you are, then I apologize, just because. But I also laud you, because...well, read the damn article.

Happy 100th birthday, Mr. Beckett. You annoy and frighten the bejesus out of me, but you opened doors that my writing depends on no longer being closed.

Plus David Mamet apparently thinks you were a great kisser. That must count for something, although what, I cannot fathom. Good luck figuring it out.

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Fiona said...

I made a presentation on Beckett at a, well, a Beckett seminar at university. Joyce terrifies the knickers off me, and not, for those of you familiar with the literal climax that occurs in Ulysses, literally. Beckett, I love. I think he is the genius I feel least threatened by, and because my intellectual confidence is quite vulnerable, I really appreciate him for that.

I will read the article. Not right now, because my brain is still a bit wobbly from those thoughts of Joyce.