Friday, March 10, 2006

i also thought "epitome" was pronounced "ep-ih-toam"

I had a habit of neologizing in high school. (Before you Google "neologize" -- hey, I didn't say the habit had ceased to exist!)

Although I was actually not, in the least, a massive procrastinator during my years of secondary education, I did occasionally decide to start my homework/projects/what-have-you a little later than I would normally have done, in an effort not to be the nerdiest nerd who ever nerded.

(It's probably unnecessary for me to point out that I failed miserably at that last attempt, but it's ok, because it's what made my husband fall in love with me later on.)

Anyway, my friends and I enjoyed making fun of our own geekiness, even back then. One of our most favored neologisms was "master procraster," a term we would apply to ourselves as we sat around studiously avoiding our homework during free periods.

Unfortunately, the rampant making-up of words backfired on me when I actually used the coinage "pointful" (logical opposite of pointless) in a class.

All of this is really just to say that I apologize for putting off blog entries of late. I've been busy, yadda yadda yadda, and so forth, but I have a lot to say, and I promise I'll get around to it one of these days.


Fiona said...

Sometimes there just isn't a word to express what needs to be expressed, and it is the responsibility of us nerds to assume the mantle of word-creator. The rest of the world may mock us, but someday they will appreciate the way in which we have embiggened their vocabulary.

I thought that huge was pronounced huggy. And I still read quays as, well, not keys, but quays. That's a particularly cromulent mistake if you live in Dublin.

Leigh said...

Try coming to America and showing the average schoolchild the word "queue." Seriously? "Line" is so much easier! So our children "line up" and yours "queue up."

Then again, yours are probably better spellers. Go figure. :)

Fiona said...

Funny, we 'lined up' at school. But we queue in supermarkets. And in traffic, we fume :)

The only reason we are better spellers is because we spell things the right way. I mean, taking vowels out so that thinks look more like they sound - who ever told you that was going to work? You Americans are just crazy.

Leigh said...

But what about "kerb?" I mean, seriously?? :)