Wednesday, March 22, 2006

what do you call a...

Elizabeth: "I'm so pissed I wasn't raised bilingually."

Me: "I know. This is yet another reason I want to live in France with babies."


Me: "I mean, my own babies. Not just a flock of random babies."

Elizabeth: "Haaaahaha. Flocks of random babies."

In any case, clearly I just need something to cheer me up right now, so I am also including the following fact.

Today, Melissa and I had a meeting to block out the big production I'll be doing with my Cape Elizabeth class and the class I'm taking over from her in Scarborough. We met at Scarborough a couple of hours before the class started. We were both having incredibly craptacular days, and we walked into the Parish House to find a bucket of Godiva chocolate goodies.

It probably was not for us. It probably should have been left there. But after three-plus hours there in the worst moods ever, I decided they were a sign from God -- or maybe from Dog, I've lost the ability to tell at this point -- and we divvied up the chocolate and took it home.

And damn was it good.

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