Wednesday, March 01, 2006

this is my brain on OTC drugs

I coughed all the phlegm from my lungs into my sinuses.

OK, on some basic level, I understand that the above statement is biologically impossible, but that's truly how I feel.

We watched last night's Gilmore Girls just now, and it contained a scene of what had to be the world's greatest bat mitzvah, complete with Sebastian Bach covering "Hollaback Girl."

Dude. I actually think that, had Sebastian Bach been available in 1992, I'd have sucked it up and done the whole shebang.

Eh. Probably not. But it would have been slightly more appealing. After all, it's not all the time that you get to hear a member of Skid Row exhort the mishpochah to get on the dance floor.

Unfortunately, the intensity of the cold medicine -- most likely in combination with the utter lack of sleep due to coughing from last night -- has rendered me incapable of staying up much longer. At least the TiVo will preserve Lost and Project Runway until I can get to them.

Tim Gunn would probably be fun at a bat mitzvah, too. Just think of the fashion goldmine.

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LizzieDaisy said...

You crack me up. Afterall, the whole point is the music. LOL. Then again, I'd have been doing the whole thing. Well, that and "What's to eat?" I guess just a little bit like my wedding?! :)

Sorry you are miserable. Having sported a sinus headache myself for two weeks, I am completely sympathetic. Did I spell that right? In any case, I feel for ya.

Guess you can see why they picked journalism for me, but English was at the bottom of the list. I hate grammar and spelling. Ew. Well, that and I really don't much care. They have spell and grammar checkers for a reason. And I have proof readers for my REAL work to boot. :)

Hope you feel better soon!